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          Industry 4.0 - Mechanical equipment solution provider
          ——   COMPANY PROFILE   ——
          Yantai Lonreytek Technology Co.Ltd
          NewLonrey is a sub brand of Yantai Lonreytek Technology Co.LTD, and  located in the rich and beautiful Jiaodong Peninsula. Our company can provide intelligent mechanical equipment professionally. The company's team members have rich product and project experience to continuously develop high-tech products. After years of unremitting efforts, it has successfully developed seven series: grinding, dispersion and mixing, emulsification, mixing and kneading, reaction, filtration, complete set, etc., with compact structure and stable quality, which can meet the needs of manufacturers of different sizes, and has strong applicability. At the same time, it undertakes the design and manufacture of various non-standard equipment
          ——   PRODUCT CENTER   ——
          Yantai Xinlongli Information Technology Co., Ltd. welcomes friends from all walks of life to patronize. And is willing to cooperate sincerely to create a brilliant new century
          ——   CASE CENTER   ——
          • Hunan project case
          • Inner Mongolia Project Cases
          • Vietnam project case
          • Mexico project case